Cointegra Leadership Elevates Expertise in Tech Investment

    Cointegra is pleased to announce that a key leader within our organization has successfully completed the Value Investing in Technology program at Columbia Business School, guided by the esteemed Professor Tano Santos. This achievement has endowed our team with advanced insights into the intricate valuation of technology investments, drawing on creative frameworks and modern valuation techniques. It underscores Cointegra's commitment to maintaining a leading edge in financial innovation, ensuring we continue to offer exceptional value to our clients and stakeholders.


Unveiling Mergers & Acquisitions Podcast

    As we step into the new year, Cointegra is thrilled to announce the launch of our podcast dedicated to the dynamic marketing and e-commerce industry. This podcast will be your go-to source for insights on mergers and acquisitions, offering the latest trends and success stories in the business world. Join us as we explore the exciting world of corporate growth, making every episode an enriching experience for our listeners. Stay tuned for inspiration and industry knowledge!


IPOs - Goldman Sachs

    In our recent chat session with the IPO team from Goldman Sachs and legal experts from Fenwick, we focused on understanding the IPO process through their shared expertise. The discussion covered insightful case studies of companies like ARM, Instacart, and Klaviyo.

Empowering Women - Houlihan Lokey

    We were invited to an event hosted by Houlihan Lokey, dedicated to empowering women in investment banking. The event featured several Managing Directors who shared their personal journeys, addressing both the challenges and achievements they have encountered in the industry. This inspiring session highlighted the significant contributions of women in investment banking and the importance of fostering an inclusive and supportive environment.

AI-Powered Future - NVDA

    We recently attended an insightful fireside chat hosted by Columbia University, featuring the CEO of Nvidia, centered on 'Tech and Applications in an AI-Powered Future'. During this session, the CEO Jensen Huang shared his personal journey, offering a behind-the-scenes look at Nvidia's pioneering role in AI technology.

Exploring AI's Future: - Google

    We recently attended a meeting at Google's New York office, where the focus was on the future of AI technology. This session offered a deep dive into Google's innovative approaches and visions for AI's role in shaping our world.

Gaining Term Sheet Insights - Perkins Coie

    We recently visited the law firm Perkins Coie, where we delved into the intricacies of term sheets, a critical element in business and legal negotiations.


Insights from BlackRock

    Our recent visit to BlackRock's Atlanta office was a remarkable experience. The Managing Director shared valuable insights into the strategic decision to establish a presence in Atlanta.

Columbia's Milestone and Our Startup Journey

    Columbia University raised nearly 30 million this year, a testament to the university's thriving community and commitment to excellence. Amidst this exciting backdrop, we've been reflecting on our own journey as a startup nurtured in Columbia Startup Lab.


Our Hangouts with Tech Entrepreneurs

    Catching up with fellow tech entrepreneurs has been an exhilarating part of our journey. These casual hangouts have become invaluable, offering us a chance to stay in the loop with the latest trends and innovations in the tech world.


Learning from the Master - Bruce Greenwald

    Before his retirement, we had the honor of attending the last class with Professor Bruce Greenwald, revered as 'a guru to Wall Street's gurus' and an esteemed authority on value investing. This final lecture, a part of his illustrious academic tenure, encapsulated the profound wisdom and expertise he's known for.